zLabels creates leading online fashion brands. Our products reach millions of customers every month. So we don't just follow trends - we shape them, too.

About us


zLabels creates successful, contemporary fashion brands. Our products are sold online via Zalando and other global etail platforms, reaching millions of customers every month. That means we don't just follow trends - we shape them, too.

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What we do

We understand fashion e-commerce

We know the digital retail landscape like the back of our hand, and our brands feel confident navigating every online sales channel there is. Our experience has taught us how to produce, promote and excel in the e-commerce environment. We see great potential for our fashion brands and want to make them even more successful in the future, both on Zalando and beyond.

We know what online shoppers want

Our data-driven way of doing business means there is never a decision made that we cannot back up with facts. We identify customer demands and specific behaviours that translate directly into the most compelling product selection at exactly the right time for the market. 

We create exciting brands

We set up brands and build collections that meet the taste and style requirements of a whole range of customer groups. Our teams of talented designers create products of the highest quality, produced under strict safety and ethical standards, and always available at the best possible prices.

We move fast

zLabels was developed for the digital market from day one so we act at the speed of now. Thanks to our international sourcing network and smooth logistic processes we deliver products to the market and to our customers ahead of their demands.

We are committed to our customers

Our world-class marketing team finds exciting ways to tell each brand´s story, presenting new opportunities for zLabels wherever people feel inspired to shop online.

We live the energy of Berlin

zLabels was founded in Berlin – one of the most inspirational cities of our time. The spirit of Berlin mirrors our level of energy and entrepreneurial spirit and helps our thriving team find inspiration and develop trends.

zlabels about us


Jan Wilmking

Jan Wilmking
Managing Director

Jan Wilmking has been a Managing Director of zLabels since 2013.

Before joining the company he worked at Rocket Internet and McKinsey & Co., where he advised a global portfolio of clients in retail, consumer goods and fashion. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School, class of 2010.

Fun fact: He speaks fluent English, German and a bit of Spanish and got trained by Lufthansa after finishing high school – so he can guide you to the nearest emergency exit in at least three different languages.

Christian Baier

Christian Baier
Managing Director

Christian Baier has served as a Managing Director for zLabels since 2012, when he joined the company after nearly eight years advising major blue chip corporations on everything from product pricing to takeover strategy at McKinsey & Co.

It was here that he began his professional friendship with Jan Wilmking, and together the two now oversee zLabels’ continued growth and expansion as part of the wider Zalando family.

Fun fact: During his studies he earned pocket money selling ice cream at concerts and sports events (including the 2006 World Cup), which made him a real expert during our mint&berry Ice Cream Market.