Our Standards


At zLabels, we aim to work with business partners who adopt a responsible approach to people and the environment. We expect our business partners to commit to, and work towards our Zalando Group Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is derived from elements of the International Labour Organization conventions.

zLabels is committed to protecting the world’s forests through our approach to sourcing of man-made cellulosic fabrics, including rayon, viscose, lyocell, modal and other trademarked brands. Together with the non-for-profit organization Canopy and our sourcing partners, we are working towards eliminating the sourcing of wood pulp from ancient and endangered forests across our supply chain. Find out more here


1. Highest standard of quality concerning the products

Quality Management is a fundamental part of our company and a key element of our success. Our QM enables us to not only inspire our customers with regard to fashionable aspects and price, but also by satisfying our customers expectations for quality.

Our QM ensures, that 

Customer expectations with regard to the quality of our products will be met

The customer will have an unlimited inspiring shopping experience, and

zLabels is always in line with legal requirements.

2. Restricted Substances

The product safety standards are detailed in the Restricted Substances List (RSL). zLabels’ RSL was developed in collaboration with TÜV Süd and TÜV Rheinland (first time in 2011) and has subsequently been continuously developed and updated to new requirements. In addition, our RSL is based on a detailed comparison with competitors – namely other big retailers – and reflects the recommendations of important NGOs and associations (e.g. Ökotex, CADS, REACH, GermanFashion Modeverband Deutschland e.V.). As a result, zLabels’ product safety standards not only meet minimum legal requirements but often reach significantly beyond. The last update of the RSL was conducted in March 2015 and communicated to suppliers globally.

3. Monitoring and Controlling System

Monitoring and controlling risks is a major concern when it comes to running a successful company. In 2014, zLabels has introduced a Quality Management System, documented in a Quality Compendium. zLabels is committed to continuously realize, stabilize and optimize its Quality Management System. Using pre-defined quality targets and standards internally and externally, zLabels will promote greater awareness along the entire Supply Chain. 

The scope of our QM-System is approved and supported by the zLabels Managing Directors, who will track the development and the improvement on a regular basis.

The newly introduced Quality Circle will meet on a regular basis and on demand to plan, and will review and decide all matters of Quality Management at zLabels. The Quality Circle will be convened by the Quality Delegate and will at least involve the Quality Management department level. The outcome of all meetings of the Quality Circle will be reported to the zLabels Managing Directors.  

4. Supply Chain Management

We require our suppliers to fully comply with our quality and product safety standards. Nevertheless, we also conduct chemical checks and quality inspections to monitor quality and product safety on our side. zLabels defines the products to be tested and inspected based on a scoring system that prioritizes products which are more likely than others to potentially contain restricted chemicals and/or fail to meet our quality standards. 

All our suppliers will be monitored and ranked according to output on our Vendor Scorecard which includes performance results in product safety and quality. Based on Vendor Scores we always define action plans with our suppliers to improve performance. zLabels has furthermore defined a delisting program, whenever the action plan is not  successful.

5. Employee Training (Quality)

The zLabels Managing Directors support zLabels Quality Management by providing resources, empowering the QM department and communicating the strategy to the entire company and all stakeholders.


Find out more about our Code of Conduct here